It's especially fun because so many of us are bound to our proverbial planets. Doing the work they do is hard and takes a lot of time. It is their life--their livelihood. Celebrations on this scale doesn't come often.. Seeing many of these people meet each other for the first time, and eat and drink and laugh, is a wonderful thing. "Oh, YOU'RE 30 Acre Farm!" Or "I've been drinking your beer for 10 years!" We overhear these things and are heartened and humbled to have provided a venue where names can be put to faces and products, especially those that make our universe a reality.  

On this night in particular, the mood oscillated between warm, rowdy, and finally warm and rowdy. Spirits were high and as people came to know each other better, the crowd grew loud, jovial, familial. Outside people smoked in a circle. If I remember correctly, this extended planetary family sang a song to Franklin Arterial.  

And the next morning, we found a friend and local brewer asleep in one of the booths--it was a hell of a night.


Overall, as is always the case with these harvest dinners, plenty of fun was had and we were honored by the presence of many of the very best people in our lives. While the details of celebration can be hazy after the fact, this is what we remember.

This is what makes our endeavor thrive.