Fried Fish Sandwich With Kimchi and Spicy Mayo

After clocking long shifts at Eventide Oyster Co. in Portland, Maine, chef Mike Wiley needs a gratifying meal, fast. “It’s a quick and dirty little fried fish sandwich,” he said of this week’s Slow Food Fast contribution, known at the restaurant as the Mike. “I eat it regularly.”

At Eventide, Asian ingredients mingle freely with Maine seafood. Here, a bracing helping of kimchi offsets the richness of the fried fish. “It gives you the sense that you’re eating some vegetables, not just fried food and carbs,” Mr. Wiley said. Mayonnaise spiked with chili sauce dials up the heat.

Whatever the garnishes, a great fried fish sandwich requires great fried fish. To that end, Mr. Wiley advices minding your oil temperature. “A thermometer makes food taste better,” he said. “You want the oil between 360 and 265 degrees for this.” If you get that right, he said, your fillet will emerge with an ethereal, crunchy golden crust and a flaky interior.

The assembly is straightforward; go as light or as heavy as you please on the garnishes. “I like to cover one piece of bread with mayo and scatter kimchi across the fish,” Mr. Wiley said. “There’s not science to it.”

Arielle Walrath

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